Learn more about services we offer and see how the process works.


Worried nosey neighbors are going to be checking out your home? Worried your buyer is not able to afford your home and is wasting your time? We can help! By pre-qualifying potential buyers we eliminate those "just looky loos!"

Certified Real Estate Appraisers

What is your home worth? Are you realistic in your asking price? Let our Certified Appraisers guide you in the right price for your home.

Professional Photographer

Are your pictures too dark or have a glare? Are you highlighting your home's top features with your pictures? Let our experienced photographers showcase your home through high quality images. After all, isn't a picture worth a 1,000 words? Or at least a higher selling price?


Let us help you get maximum exposure to your home. Through our extensive list of partner professionals your home will be featured on top home sites such as Zillow, Realtor, and Facebook, Instagram, Craigslist, and NextDoor.


Worried your phone is going to be ringing off the hook while you are at work or at all hours of the day? We have dedicated professionals to help screen your calls and book showings for you.


Is your home ready to be shown? Do you need to declutter? Do you need some simple staging tips? Is there a lockbox? We can provide you assistance on all of these questions.


Someone makes you an offer, now what? Is the offer the price you were looking for? Our consultants can help guide you in this step.

Real Estate Attorney

You have agreed to accept an offer, now for the paperwork and legal documents. Our experienced real estate attorney is available to help you with any legal paperwork involved with the sale of your home.

Closing Services

The closing is the final step in the home selling process, where money and documents are transferred in order to transfer ownership. It's an exciting moment in which we will provide you guidance.