See How Simple

1. List Your Home

  • You add your details about your home
  • After all, who knows your home better than you?

2. Set Your Price

  • We provide advice from experts in the industry to help you sell your home with confidence.

3. Publish

  • Now that the details are in and the price chosen, let us announce your home to the world!

4. Showing Your Home

  • Do you have the proper tools for buyers to see your home? 
  • Will you be showing your home yourself? 
  • Do you have a sign letting buyers know your house is on the market? 
  • Do potential buyers have access if you’re not available to show your home? 
  • Let us help guide you in these commonly asked questions.

5. Someone Wants To Buy Your Home - Now What?

  • Are you nervous to sell your home alone? You are not alone.
  • We will help guide you through the process with our trusted team of professionals while saving you on costly commission fees.