About Us

  As a mother, business owner, house flipper, investor and home owner, I realized that both time and money are both precious commodities which often come at a premium price.  Selling your house should not have to cost you both.

I grew up surrounded by real estate; generations of brokers, realtors, and home builders opened up my eyes to the ups and downs of successful real estate and the hard work that goes into listing and selling a home.  However, for me, the listing and selling of a home was a simple process, I was surrounded by real estate advice my whole life.  If there was a question I would call a family member and ask.  I knew that they would help price my house, walk me through the paperwork and guide me in the right direction.  What I didn’t realize at the time was how much money is lost to commissions.

Fast forward years later when I moved out of the area and I was no longer surrounded by my bubble.  I started to work on the numbers of a house I was selling.  I realized that the price I wanted to get for selling my house would be reduced by the commission of the person who listed and sold my house.  Unfortunately that number was the same whether my house sold in one day or sold in 5 months.  I was still giving up a large percentage of the profits on the sale of my house.

I quickly realized that I already had the tools necessary to list and sell my own home but I was scared.  Can I do this by myself?  What if i forget something?  Just because I grew up around real estate didn’t make me a realtor.  I lacked confidence.  The only thing stopping me from listing my house and selling my house on my own was fear.  But what if I could save all the money that was being spent on commissions and sell my house on my own, but with a little help from professionals at a significantly lower cost.

REBO was founded to provide confidence to homeowners and empower them to sell their home on their own on their terms.